Quality Assurance in App Development – Business Perspective

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Quality Assurance in App Development – Business Perspective

Mobile apps, various interactive apps, and websites can all be used to engage with the customers. However, as the number of mobile users has increased to nearly 4.5 billion, businesses now have no choice but to focus on formulating relevant apps that can keep their target audience highly engaged.

While attempting to launch an app as fast as possible, most companies tend to avoid the quality assurance (QA) process and just focus on launching their app before other rival companies can. From a certain business perspective, this technique may make sense, however, this works only in the short term. In the long term, launching any app without proper testing and quality assurance can only lead to pressing challenges later on, such as bugs, unsatisfied clients, and other technological and usability problems. For better engagement, an app development team must test the app for device compatibility, security, accessibility, and performance.

Quality Assurance (QA) for an App

A useful mobile app not only engages and retains users, but also improves brand image and a company’s overall reputation. Here are some reasons why you, as a business owner, should try to spend more time and money on testing your app for quality assurance.

1. Test Your App So it Delivers on its Promises

One of the main reasons why an app must be tested before its launch is to make sure that it is capable of doing what it claims. If a user installs your app and is not convinced with the way it functions, they would immediately uninstall it and won’t use it ever again.

The most important goal of your app is to boost your business’s reach, however, if your target audience forms a bad opinion by using it then they might even quit associating with your business.

2. Rids You of Future Problems

Bypassing the QA testing process can get you and your company both in some serious trouble. No matter how impeccable your method and team may be, QA testing significantly reduces your risk of technical and other glitches in the future. It can also help you become more confident about marketing the app as you already know that it has been tested properly.

After launch, making any major change in an app becomes much more difficult since people may already have begun using it and at that point, one big change can easily lead to several other minor bugs, making the problem all the more challenging to address.

While QA testing doesn’t always guarantee a problem-free launch, it still removes most of the bugs that could potentially cause difficulties.

3. Increases User Engagement

Quality testing ensures that your app will provide an optimal experience to your users, which will result in garnering positive reviews on the app store. Excellent user experience and reviews should be the main objective of any new app in the market and that is only possible if you have already examined every critical aspect of it.

According to a survey, 53% of the users uninstalled or removed a mobile app after experiencing problems like frequent crashes, or freezes while using it. QA helps you decrease the risk of app malfunctions, thereby, improving your app’s functionality and overall user experience.

4. Improves Brand Image

An amazing app experience can make your customers happy. These happy users in return, will not only leave good reviews but also tell their friends and families to try your app out. To build such an app is every developer’s dream, however, to turn this dream into reality, your app needs thorough testing and your hard work.

Testing apps before launch can also help in saving you from the trouble of bad reviews and bad first impressions because according to surveys, 23% of the users abandon an app after the initial installation. Tremendous user experience leads to a healthy brand image and a reputation for products or services that leaves a lasting impact.

5. Better Security

Every app has some access to user information. If your app stores any data about your users, even if it is just their name, phone numbers, or email id, you wouldn’t want hackers to steal and utilize that data as they please.

Online security is a hot topic and users want to be certain that their data is safe and won’t be used without their approval. If your app risks users’ data or has security loopholes after it’s launched then it’ll create havoc on your app’s popularity and your brand image as well.

6. Economical in the Long Run

Launching your app without testing it for quality will cost you in the long run in many ways, including app store penalization, bad reviews leading to fewer installations, and poor user retention.

Besides, finding and repairing bugs after launch is going to cost you much more. Moreover, the damage is not just money, it can endanger your company’s reputation and brand image too.

So, what can you do?

1. Hire a QA Specialist

This is the first step that you should take to properly get your app assessed. A professional QA specialist would see your app from a critical point of view and would analyze it better than you or your developers.

2. Automate your app testing

Another thing that you can do to examine your app on the go is to have automated testing done with the help of QA testing tools. Automation will ultimately save your time and energy by checking the app and simplifying the entire process.

Now that you understand the importance of quality assurance in app development from a business perspective, you must try incorporating them before launching your app. However, if you need an extra hand or are simply searching for mobile application developers in Dubai then contact us! DXB APPS can help you make informed decisions with the right app development tools to match your goals. You can get in touch for additional information or queries.


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