What Are Frontend and Backend in App Development?

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What Are Frontend and Backend in App Development?

Two typical buzzwords that usually appear when talking about app development are“frontend” and “backend”. They essentially divide the work of app developers into 2, as a frontend developer needs a unique set of skills than a backend developer. To shine some light on the subject of app development, we have got a glance at each frontend and backend development to see how they disagree with one another, and the way they work along

Frontend development

The frontend of a web- or mobile application is that half the user interacts directly. It is sometimes mentioned because of the application's "client aspect." The front consists of everything that the user sees once interacting with the website or app, like text colors and designs, photos, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, the navigation menu, and so on. Frontend developers offer the structure, appearance, behavior, and content of everything that is visible on browser displays when websites, online applications, or mobile apps spaces are opened. The key focus points of frontend development square measure are responsiveness and performance.

The main languages used for frontend development square measure are Markup language and JavaScript. They work hand in hand to create the web site or application perform well and affluent simultaneously. Besides markup language, CSS and JavaScript, there are various areas which uses completely different languages that are used for frontend development depending on the framework. Some of them are- Dart in Flutter, JavaScript in React, Python in Django, and so on.

Hypertext Markup language (HTML)

HTML stands for machine-readable text language. It is a language that styles the front a part of sites. Markup language could be a language that mixes machine-readable text with markup. The term "hypertext" refers to the connecting link between sites. The language is employed to form the Associate in the Nursing design of text documentations beneath tags. This way, the contents on a page square measure structured in a very specific manner within the style of titles, headings, subheadings, basic text, images, etc.


JavaScript could be a well-known artificial language that integrates interactive parts on websites to create the interface a lot of partaking for users. It's utilized to enhance a website's practicality and to run games and web-based software systems.

Frontend frameworks

Frameworks or libraries in app development give developers the proper tools to assist them within the development method. The foremost common libraries in the frontend development area are ReactJS, AngularJS, and jQuery.


AngularJS is an associate degree ASCII text file JavaScript front-end framework that's principally intended to produce single-page net applications (SPAs). It's a framework that's invariably evolving and providing higher ways to develop online applications. The static markup language is replaced by a dynamic markup language. It's an associate degree ASCII text file project that may be downloaded at no cost. It adds Directives to markup language attributes and uses a markup language to bind information.


jQuery may be a free JavaScript framework that makes it easier to handle HTML/CSS documents. jQuery simplifies markup language documents manipulation, browser event handling, DOM animations and cross-browser JavaScript programming, among other things.

Backend development

The backend is additionally called the server-side of a website or application. It organizes and stores information, further making certain that everything on the consumer side of the website functions properly. The backend on the other hand does not act with users directly, it plays an important role behind the scenes by adding key practicality to a website. While not a clean and correct backend, the frontend won’t work properly.

Backend languages

The server-side of an associate degree application or website has its programming languages. These language area units are created in such a way that they'll act simply with the frontend, which makes it an optimally functioning piece of software.


NodeJS is an associate degree open supply cross-platform runtime setting for death penalty JavaScript code outside of a browser. It is vital to say that NodeJS is not a framework or an artificial language by itself.


Whereas NodeJS isn't an artificial language on its own, it's designed to execute a programming language: JavaScript. JavaScript may be a text-based artificial language that permits you to construct interactive websites on both consumer and server sides. Whereas markup language and CSS give structure and aesthetic to websites, JavaScript adds interactive elements that keep users engaged.


C++ may be a versatile artificial language which is used for a range of tasks. It is used to produce operating systems, browsers, and games, among different things. C++ supports a range of programming designs, together with procedural, object-oriented, and useful programming. As a result, C++ is powerful and pliant.


Java is the official platform-specific artificial language for native android apps. Android is usually developed in Java, and its genus API unit is designed to be known as from Java. Android developers also can value more highly to develop their app with C and C++, creating use of the mechanical man Native Development Kit (NDK), however, Google doesn’t encourage this, because it will have control over the app’s performance.
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